Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) Awareness

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ODDC Newsletter Reach Out e-Diversity, Jan 2008 Vol. 2 Issues 1

Contains article titled “Deceived, Disabled, Dejected, Dehumanized, Dismissed, and Dying: The Widespread Dilemma of MCS Disability.”

Article is also at Health Risk Navigation Inc.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: Reflections by Dr. L. Christine Oliver and Alison Johnson Transcript available at (under Dr. Oliver’s photograph). Dr. Oliver is an Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Co-Director of Occupational and Environmental Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital.

"Veterans Injured by Chemicals Need Help" See Page 7 of the April/May Issue of the Post by the Lake American Legion Newsletter.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, Part One

WCPN radio interview with Karen Schaefer, 2.15.01

MCS Policy For Medical Offices” form of PROPOSED MCS POLICY FOR MEDICAL OFFICES.doc

Letter: “Educate Your Building Manager” letter for top ten.doc

ONFCI’s “Top Ten Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality” to Top Ten Two pages.doc



ONFCI November 28, 2003 Letter Urging CDC to Address MCS Epidemic

ONFCI 1998 letter responding to Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry Report

Center for Disease Control (CDC) Employee Policy

CDC Indoor Environmental Quality Policy, CDC-SM-2009-01, 06.22.2009.pdf

CDC’s Fragrance-Free Policy & More - See pages 9-10 (Appendix A, Section C - Building Occupants)

Professor Anne C. Steinemann – Links to her fragrance sensitivity report and other resources

Parma Fire Department - Ambulance Protocol

Parma Community General Hospital - Paramedic Protocol

Parma Heights Curbs Diesel Emissions on Ambulances”

American Journal of Nursing MCS Article References (#29) Toni Temple’s Healthier Hospitals

Dismantling the Attitudinal Barriers Against MCS by Toni Temple

Temple T., Healthier Hospitals: a comprehensive guide to assist in the medical care of the patient with multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) disability. Parma, OH; 1996. p. 28.

Anema, S., “Hospitalization for the Chemically Sensitive Patient” w/reference to Healthier Hospitals

MCS Activism Starting to Pay Off” - U.S. Access Board adopts fragrance-free policy for meetings

National Institute Building Sciences (NIBS) Indoor Environmental Quality Report



Press Release Feb. 2012

Sample MCS Awareness Month Proclamations

Governor Strickland Recognizes May as MCS Awareness and Education Month

ONFCI News Release:

Mayor Cyril M. Kleem, City of Berea

Mayor Thomas P. Perciak, City of Strongsville

ONFCI press release - Awareness Month 2009


ONFCI’s 2004 “Prevention Convention” at Playhouse Square Center - Press Release,%202004%20Prev%20Conv.%20News%20Release.doc

New Pesticide Legislation:

Ten Commandments Of A Good Neighbor